What is Direct Cremation?

Direct cremation is interment that involves id of your love one and cremation, no embalming and no service.

What is viewing of cremation?

Viewing of cremation is where you can be with your loved one before cremation at a crematory, and witness the first start of the cremation process

What is a memorial service?

A memorial service is where your loved one’s interment has already taken place and you would like to have a small service to honor their life and legacy with family and friends

What does our direct cremation cost include?

Heaven Bound Cremation Services direct cremation include the transportation of your loved ones from Washington DC or Maryland, cremation, one death certificate and an engraved gold URN.

Who picks up your loved ones?

Heaven Bound Cremation Services have their own transportation company heaven bound Transportation services, we do not outsource our pickups to third party.

Where are your loved ones held until cremation takes place?

Your loved ones will be with us all the way through, they are held at our facility. We pick up our own families, we hold our own families, and we cremate our own families

How many locations do Heaven Bound Cremation services have?

We have two locations one in White Plains Md., and one in Washington DC

Can you view the cremation and or have a memorial service at our facility?

You can do either one at our Maryland location only.

Do we have the capability to live stream services?

Yes. Heaven Bound Cremation Services can live stream any services at our facility, at a church, or at a burial.